Embracing the energy of disruption in undoing things that are stuck and the energy of re-creation in stewarding a new equilibrium that fosters wholeness and thriving.

Getting to new prosperity in the 21st century.

"Disruption shifts value around. Up-ruption lifts everyone up and creates a step change of progress.
What upruption should we get started?"


Shift focus from just your business model to the entire ecosystem.


Think like a Mayor leading the collective, not a CEO running an organization.


Uncover new societal meaning and unlock higher value for all.

Meet Greg Bernarda

Greg mentors people and organizations in working collaboratively to invent the(ir) future. He believes 21st century leaders lead ecosystems not just organisations, and they create better outcomes for all involved. He is a co-author of Value Proposition Design (Wiley) and an alumni of the World Economic Forum.

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